Rise of the Runelords

Welcome to Sandpoint part 2

24 Rova 4707AR
The following morning, everyone gathers in the square for the opening speeches. First is Kendra Deverin, the Mayor, whose speech is perky and welcoming. She is followed by Belor Hemlock, the town Sheriff, who lowers the mood by asking for a moments silence for those who lost their lives five years earlier. Cyrdak Drokkus is next, with an animated and enthusiastic advert for his theatre and an attempt to lighten the mood. He is a replacement for Lonjiku Kaijitsu, who is, as head of one of the town’s founding families, conspicuous in his absence. Drokkus introduces the final speaker, Father Zantus, the High Priest of Sandpoint, who declares the commencement of the festivities.

Rena joins her family for the basic combat display by the students at the Turandarok Academy. Samoth, Tig, Kazallin and Rose take part in the games and competitions that are laid on. At noon, everyone gathers in the square for Father Zantus to tell the Parable of Desna, followed by the release of the Swallowtails. After the butterflies have flown, it is time for lunch, when all the local producers and vendors provide samples of their finest offerings to see which is the most popular. Tig expressed surprise that all the refreshments were free, having filled every available inch of pocket and bag space with food.

After more entertainment in the afternoon, at sunset, everyone congregated in the square again, this time for the consecration of the cathedral. Father Zantus dropped a thunderstone, to call the attendees to order, ready for the special one-off event.

Just as everything was about to start, the square was stormed by a horde of goblins, who ran amok and started to kill random townsfolk in a variety of grisly ways. Two waves of goblins are fought off by the combined efforts of Rena, Samoth, Tig, Kazallin and Rose, with support from Ameiko and help from Father Zantus.

When things have calmed down in the square, they hear screams from the direction of the north gate…



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