Rise of the Runelords

The Trial Part 2

Justice is served

7 Lamashan 4707

The group decides to investigate Nualia’s journal and the shadowy figures mentioned in it that helped her.

During their investigation, they find out about chapel to Sarenrae that was in the process of being contracted when all of the priest where murdered.

They continue their investigations and eventually discover stories of people going missing in the Underbridge area. Spending a bit more time on this leads them to encounter a guard named Kassadei, who is also investigating the case. Between them they decide to set a trap using Rose as bait.

That night they lay their trap, and set the scene for Rose to be ambushed.

She is attacked by a half-elf and a gargoyle. After a swift battle, the gargoyle is killed and the half-elf captured. They take her back to the guards for interrogation. During this, it is realised that she is under the controlling influence of a third party. Rose breaks the influence and the half-elf breaks down in remorse and regret.

The group finds out that the disappearances are due to the work of a succubus. The demon captured and dominated the half-elf into becoming her accomplice. The succubus is laired at the half built chapel to Sarenrae in Underbridge.



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