Rise of the Runelords

The Misgivings Part 2

It's all gone a bit Scooby Doo

14 Lamashan 4707

After rising, Rose casts Remove Disease on Tig to clear her affliction. The party then set off for the Manor.

After a few hours they approach a decrepit building, and enter through the front door. The house is in a ramshackle state, full of mouldy belongings. They move from room to room, with an oppressive atmosphere overbearing them.

Strange visions assail members of the group:

  • Samoth is forced to dance by a spectre of a dark haired woman, and in another room he is gripped by the need to protect his child and drags Kaz out
  • Rose experiences a vision of being Aldern’s wife and being strangled by Aldern
  • Kaz is attacked by a vision of a burning manticore and is set alight
  • Samoth and Tig find a diseased rat, blind and full of tumours

They also see a set of stained glass windows depicting a necromantic box from within which emerge a treant, a roc, a sphinx and a kraken.

When Samoth and Kaz leave the house, they discover that thousands of decaying crows have settled near the front of the house. Samoth fireballs the birds rather than take any risks.

Everyone gathers outside the house, having been driven from it. They compare notes and one of the visions suggests that something bad is happening in the basement. They re-enter and then Tig and Rose hear sobbing from upstairs.

They all move upstairs and move through the corridors heading for the attic. on this floor:

  • Rena experiences a vision of being a small boy seeing his parents trying to kill each other
  • Rena finds a gallery of portraits of members of the Foxglove family, which change to show them dead by various means before a mass of tumours and fungus explode in the room
  • Samoth and Kaz find another set of stained glass depicting a scorpion, a vampire, a deathwing moth, belladonna and a maiden about to be killed. Neither Samoth or Kaz quite understand what this depicts

Tig, Samoth and Kaz move up to the attic finding rooms full of repair materials and linen. Rose and Rena look at the other rooms on the first floor. The first room they find appears to be the master bedroom. Rose is assailed by a vision being Aldern receiving the ire of his wife Iesha. She is filled with misogynistic rage and attacks the nearest woman – Rena…



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