Rise of the Runelords

The Goblins of Thistletop Part 1

Prelude to the end

30 Rova 4707

Tig investigates the bridge over the gorge and notices that it has been rigged to give way if too many people cross at the same time. She moves across and secures the bridge safely.

They sneak in and start to move around the goblin lair. After discovering sleeping and drunk goblins, they stumble into a group in a barrack. a fight ensues which moves through the lair until they reach the ‘throne-room’ of Chief Rignugget.

The chief ask for a halt to the fighting to start parley. A tense conversation is held, culminating in the Chief proclaiming them inferior and he commands his subjects to attack. The Goblin Druid that had escaped previously decides to leave at this point and the heroes defeat the rest of the goblins after a bloody battle.

The party moves through the rest of the area until they discover stairs leading down in two places.

They choose to go down the stairs nearer the rear of the lair. This leads to a room containing battle maps and plans. Beyond this they enter a room full of research materials, and a woman in robes. She attacks them initially, but soon realises that she is hopelessly outnumbered. The party secure her and interrogate her. She tells them of the other inhabitants, and also Nualia’s location.

The group sweeps through the rest of the level, finding a mercenary that they also arrest. They also find a bugbear committing unspeakable acts to female goblins. The group wastes no time in despatching him. Also on this level is a temple to Lamashtu, with two demonic dogs called Yeth Hounds. The temple also has evidence of Nualia having burnt her fathers remains.

The group decides to rest and ready themselves for the battle with Nualia.



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