Rise of the Runelords

Murder Most Foul Part 2

It's all gone grisly

12 Lamashan 4707

They arrive early in the morning. Crossing the bridge into Sandpoint, they notice a gathering outside the Lumber Mill. Approaching the group of villagers, they see two guards keeping the curious throng away from the Mill. The guards urge them to go in and she the Sheriff.

Entering the Mill they see a most unpleasant sight. It is a scene of utter chaos and carnage. Lying partially in the machinery of the saw is the remains of a woman. An hung on a wall is the mutilated corpse of a man – one of the sawmill operators, Benny Harker. Carved into is chest is the seven pointed star – the Sihedron Rune and attached to Benny’s body is a note to Rena:

“You will learn to love me, desire me in time as she did. Give yourself to the Pack and it shall all end. Your Lordship”

Tig jokes that Rena had been the subject of unwanted attention by that fop immediately after the goblin attack.

Rena surmises that the woman may be Katrine Vinder. The sheriff tells them that this is the second murder scene they have had in 4 days. The first involved 3 bodies, which they were led to by a raving local thug. The bodies had the same rune carved into them, and the same note.

The group investigate the scene and find:

  • All of the bodies and track smell of rotting meat
  • Benny has had his face ripped of and jaw removed
  • An axe on the floor has bloody fingerprints and grey ichor and flesh on the blade
  • The footprints in the sawdust indicate a chaotic event, and that one of the sets are of bare feet. Botht Benny and Katrine wear shoes
  • There are muddy footprints on the pier, with signs of claws on the feet

Rose looks carefully at the flesh on the axe and, managing to keep down her nausea, she determines that the clues likely point towards undead creatures such as Ghouls or Ghasts.

Arriving at the Garrison, Rena goes to speak to Ibor Thorn who discovered the body. She coaxes him to tell about Benny, the secret rendezvous with Katrine. He also mention that it was a secret from Katrine’s father Ven because of Ven’s lengendary temper. Ibor also says he think’s Benny had been skimming from the mill’s profits and that the owners (the brutal Scarnetti family) would take a very dim view and the repercussions could have been fatal.

In the basement, the rest of the party inspect the bodies, which have been preseved with a Gentle Repose. The bodies are in the same state as poor Benny Harker. Faces mutilated, jaws removed and a Sihedron Rune carved into their chest.

Everyone hears commotion at the garrison entrance and move swiftly to find out what’s happening. They see two guards manhandling Ven Vinder who is raving and fighting the guards. Kazillion decides to hide from the hysterical man. Ven sees the party and starts shouting at them, accusing them of being the cause of all of this death. Rena becomes quite angry and summoning all of her forceful character calms him down.

They decide to visit Bodert Quink to see what his investigations into Thassilon have turned up. After escorting Ibor back to his home, they go up to the Sage’s home. Brodert comes down to the door looking sleepy.

During the conversation they ascertain:

  • The rune is a general symbol of the Empire of Thassolin
  • It signifies many things – The seven lords of Thassilon that ruled after the death of the first emperor, the seven virtues of the empire and the seven schools of magic praised by the empire (Divination was not viewed as important)
  • Brodert believes that Thassilon fell approximately 10,000 years ago
  • Brodert believes that the empire was a cruel and dangerous place and that the seven virtues became corrupted and turned into the seven classic sins

Tig starts to wonder about the sage and asks where he was last night and four days ago. Brodert becomes slightly flustered and says he was alone in the ruins below the city. Not everyone in the party seems entirely convinced, but they decide to move onto the graveyard to see if there has been any sign of disturbance that might indicate undead.

Finding nothing of interest, Samoth sends Baztarj over to the opposite side of the river to see if there are signs of tracks there. The bird spots some tracks, so they all move over to the marshy land opposite the mill.

Finding tracks, Rose manages to follow them for a mile before losing them. Samoth manages to pick up the trail and they lead onto the Devil’s Platter, a stony shelf that rises above the hinterlands. Losing the trail here, they decide to follow the direction of travel southwards. They eventually reach the edge of the Platter and Rena recalls that near here are an old ruin and also the Sanitorium, where the witness from the first murders has been sent.

They travel first to the ruins. This is a perfect hollow cylinder rising 30’ from the ground and is hollow. They climb to the top and Baztarj flies into the hollow with a torch. Discovering it is at least 80’ deep, and with no means of scaling this they decide to go to the Sanitorium.

Arriving as day turns to dusk, they hammer on the door until a very grumpy man opens the door. A terse conversation commences, and eventually Rena manages to persuade him to let them in. He takes them to top floor to see the witness Gryst Sevilla. They pass 3 other inmates, as well as at least one orderly – a deformed thuggish looking Tiefling.

Rena starts to talk to Gryst and after his delirious ramblings he notices her and moves to the window.

“He said. He said you would visit me. His Lordship. The one that unmade me said so. He has a place for you. A precious place. I’m so jealous. He has a message for you. He made me remember it. I hope I haven’t forgotten. The master wouldn’t approve if I forgot. Let me see… let… me… see…”

“He said that if you came to his Misgivings, that if you joined his Pack, he would end his harvest in your honor.”

Grayst looks very ill. His skin is drained of colour and there is a brown stain blooming on his shoulder through the straight jacket he has been put in.

Rena turns to the manager of the Sanitorium, Erin Habe, and asks to be allowed in to treat the poor man. Erin protests that they cannot enter as it is too dangerous. They all say they can handle it, and that he needs help. Erin says that they cannot enter and besides, Grayst is an interested research case. This makes Rena quite angry and she protests quite angrily, Rose also threatens violence.

Erin shouts at them to leave, and as it becomes clear to him that the group is more likely to accost him, he flees downstairs.

The party now have to decide what they are to do next…



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