Rise of the Runelords

Goblins! Attack! part 2

25 Rova 4707

The group meet at the garrison to discuss what might be done to investigate how the goblin attack came about. Rena tells them some of the history of the town, including the Chopper murders and the major fire from 5 years ago.

There is some suspicion about Lonjiku and why he wasn’t at the festival yesterday. Ameiko says she isn’t surprised and paints an unpleasant picture of her father to the group. They decide to speak to him to see if he really was ill. Rose accompanies Kendra to the Kaijitsu mansion, while the rest head to the Glassworks. Rose learns that handkissing is not a standard human greeting, despite Aldern’s insistence on kissing Rena. Lonjiku turns out to be at the glassworks. Apparently his absence was merely coincidental.

The get back together at the Dragon, only to be interrupted by screams. It appears that one of the goblins hid in a house and has now attacked the residents. The party races over and dispatches the goblin, saving the father of the family from a grisly fate.

They resolve to accompany Aldern the next day, and then split up to spend the rest of the day following their own interests. The results in Kazillian getting caught in a basement, by with owner of the General Store, in a state of undress with the owner’s younger daughter.

The rest of the day passes off uneventfully.



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