Rise of the Runelords

Caught in the Act Part 2

21 Lamashan 4707

The next day Shalelu has come to town and gives news of rumours of Giants on the move in the north around Galduria and Wolf’s Ear. When she hears of the upcoming journey, she asks to accompany the party as she has some business she would like to attend to in Turtleback Ferry.

The group leave Sandpoint early in the afternoon, also accompanied by Stig, who has joined the party.

The day passes uneventfully until the evening when they meet a travelling caravan of Varisians who are camped by the roadside. Talking with them, it transpires that one of the Varisians is pregnant and also sick. Rose examines her and finds that she is sick and has contracted a disease. Rena attempts a Lay on Hands, but this is unsuccessful. Rose tends to her overnight and in the morning has done enough to get the mother-to-be on the road to recovery.



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