Rise of the Runelords

A Friend In Need Part 2

17 Lamashan 4707

The plan for the day is to do some research, what was Xanesha, where’s Turtleback Ferry, is there any more info on Thassilon and the sins?

Samoth heads off to the library to find out what creature Xanesha was. His research reveals that she was a Lamia Matriarch. An ancient race of creatures that were cursed by the goddess Pharasma. They are linked to the old empire of Thassilon.

He notes the mention in the letter found with Xanesha to greed. Coupled with the discovery of the statue under Sandpoint of an old Queen of Thassilon and the magical pool that captured anger he sees a link to sins. Researching Thassilon he also noted that there were seven rulers of Thassilon prior to it’s fall.

His investigation of its fall revealed that it was caused by an event called the Earthfall, when a star fell from the heavens and destroyed the lands of Azlant and Thassilon.

Tig and Rena head to the docks while Rose and Kazallin head to an inn. Both are seeking information on Turtleback Ferry. Their searches reveal it’s location and the routes to get there. The quickest way there is by horse and the route does brush against some wild areas.

Eventually they gather back at the inn they have been staying at and are approached by Ameiko, who has come to Magnimar to hire staff for the glassworks. It transpires that one of the other founding families is conspiring to take over her father’s assets.

Her efforts to get staff have been sabotaged as well. The group split up to interrogate the workers that reneged on agreements to work for her and to also find out why the Glassworkers’ Guild is not supporting her.

They find out that the workers have been threatened by a swarthy man, and that the guild was bribed by him. Baztarj notices this man outside the Guild and when observed Rena recognises him from Sandpoint – a know thug called Jubrayl Vishki.

When Tig tries to follow him, he vanishes and she isn’t able to locate him. After ensuring that the Assistant Guildmaster is safe, they retire for the night.



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