Rise of the Runelords

A Family Dispute Part 2

27 Rova 4707

The PCs that are staying in the inn, awake to discover that Ameiko is missing. Her cook has discovered a note from her estranged brother Tsuto. The note asked her to meet him at the glassworks during the previous night. Surmising that Ameiko may be in danger the party sends for Rena and then heads to the Glassworks.

They find it locked up and break in. Tig scouts out the rooms until she discovers that there are Goblins in the main workroom, playing around a figure covered in molten glass.

The group attack the Goblins, who fetch their boss – Tsuto.

The battle continues with Rena trying to talk Tsuto into surrendering, until Rose strikes a huge blow that forces him to flee.

The battle in the workroom comes to a close with the PCs wondering where Tsuto has run off to…



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