Rise of the Runelords

A Brief Respite Part 2

cleaning up and moving on

30 Rova 4707

Borrowing a boat, they travel along the coast until they have to row the rest of the way. As they approach, they realise that scaling the outcropping will be very difficult. They spy a cave and row into it. They spy a hole in ceiling which appears to be a shaft up to the top of the cliff. As they sit there, a dark shape moves underwater and strikes the boat. It rocks sharply, but everyone stays on board. They attempt to hit it as comes round for another hit, Tig braces her spear for it but it strikes and knocks most of the group out of the boat. They realise it is a bunyip, a ferocious seal. After a prolonged skirmish, they despatch it and then go on to scale the shaft to the top of the cliff.

They emerge into a heavily overgrown thicket. Moving carefully, they encounter some Goblin Dogs, which are quickly destroyed. However they alert a cougar which runs off down another path. Samoth gives chase and sees the cougar apparently talking with a goblin in robes. He attacks with spells from a distance, and the goblin disappears into the undergrowth, moving through it as if it wasn’t there. A prolonged game of hide and seek commences, with minor damage being traded, until the goblin emerges in the form of an eagle, flies out and over the goblin compound landing behind it.

They wait on one side of the bridge deciding what to do.



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