Time and Calendars

Although many calendars exist among the peoples of the Inner Sea, the one in widest use employs Absalom Reckoning (AR) for all of its dates. This reckoning system is based on the foundation of Absalom (which occurred on 1 Abadius, 1 AR), and because of Absalom’s expansive influence, the city’s calendar has achieved great popularity throughout the region. In Absalom Reckoning, the day of the month is always given first, followed by the name or number of the month, with the year coming last. Golarion spins on its axis roughly once every 24 hours. A week consists of 7 days, with 52 weeks per year. A year has 12 months, each of which corresponds to a popular deity and (roughly) to a single cycle of Golarion’s sole moon. In order to most accurately reflect reality, many calendars across Golarion add in leap days. In the Absalom Reckoning, the leap day is tacked on to the end of Calistril and occurs on every year divisible by 8. Thus, the current year (4711) is not a leap year, but 4704 was and 4712 will be.

Days of the Week

Day Task
Moonday Work, religion (night)
Toilday Work
Wealday Work
Oathday Work, pacts signed, oaths sworn
Fireday Work, market day
Starday Work
Sunday Rest, religion

Months of the Year

Month Days in Month Season Associated Deity
Abadius (January) 31 Winter Abadar
Calistril (February) 28 Winter Calistria
Pharast (March) 31 Spring Pharasma
Gozran (April) 30 Spring Gozreh
Desnus (May) 31 Spring Desna
Sarenith (June) 30 Summer Sarenrae
Erastus (July) 31 Summer Erastil
Arodus (August) 31 Summer Aroden
Rova (September) 30 Fall Rovagug
Lamashan (October) 31 Fall Lamashtu
Neth (November) 30 Fall Nethys
Kuthona (December) 31 Winter Zon-Kuthon

Holidays and Festivals

The following list records most of the major holidays in the Inner Sea region and a few of the minor ones.

1st. New Year, Foundation Day (Absalom): Commemorates Absalom’s founding by Aroden.
20th. Ruby Prince’s Day (Osirion): Monarch’s birthday.

2nd. Merrymead: Commemorates coming Spring with the distribution of the last of the previous season’s alcohol.
19th. Loyalty Day (Cheliax): Marks the signing of the Treaty of Egorian and House Thrune’s rule. Last Oathday. Batul al-Alim (Qadira): Commemorates the birth of the romantic poet of the same name.
29th. Leap Day: Added every 8 years for calendar accuracy.

5th. Day of Bones (Pharasma): Pharasmins parade the recent dead in a procession, then inter corpses for free.
13th. Kaliashahrim (Qadira): Celebration of the Padishah Emperor’s rule, and Qadira’s allegiance to the empire.
26th. Conquest Day (Nex): Day of nationalism on which citizens renew their vows to one day destroy Geb.

7th. Currentseve (Gozreh): Solemn occasion on which families of sailors and rivermen pray for safe passage during the year.
15th. Taxfest (Abadar): Clerics accompany tax collectors on their rounds, then host a public feast for all citizens.
16th–30th. Wrights of Augustana (Andoran): Annual celebration of Augustana’s shipyards and the navy.

2nd. Ascendance Day (Norgorber): Norgorber’s ascension.
13th. Old-Mage Day (Mwangi Expanse): Celebration of Old-Mage Jatembe and his magical warriors.
Last Sunday. Goblin Flea Market (Andoran): Market day of crafts, strange items, and games for costumed children.

3rd. Liberty Day (Andoran): Marks Andoran’s independence from foreign rule.
10th. Burning Blades (Sarenrae): End of a month-long festival in which the faithful dance with f laming blades.
21st. Talon Tag (Andoran): Annual aerial display by mounted Eagle Knights in Almas.
Last Sunday. Goblin Flea Market (Andoran)

3rd. Archerfeast (Erastil): Archery competitions, livestock trading, and courtship of eligible women.
14th. Founding Festival (Korvosa, Varisia): Festival featuring magical light shows celebrating the founding of Korvosa.
17th. Burning Night (Razmiran): Annual festival at which heresies against the god-king are burned publicly—whether they be books or traitors.
15th–21st. Kianidi Festival (Garund): Garundi gathering to display mementos of their travels, fortifying tribal histories and regional ties.
Last Sunday. Goblin Flea Market (Andoran)

6th. First Crusader Day (Mendev): Honors the continuing crusade against the Worldwound.
9th. Day of Silenced Whispers (Ustalav): Celebrates Ustalav’s freedom from the Whispering Tyrant.
16th. Armasse (Aroden, Iomedae): Day to train commoners in combat and learn from history.
Last Sunday. Silverglazer Sunday (Andoran): Two-part fishing festival involving swimming contests and huge puppets.

First Sunday. Silverglazer Sunday (Andoran): Second half of the festival.
Second Oathday. Signing Day (Andoran, Cheliax, Galt, Isger): Marks the day the nations broke from Taldor.
19th. Day of the Inheritor (Iomedae): Marks Iomedae’s absorption of Aroden’s faithful into her church.

Second Moonday. Harvest Feast: Celebrates the harvest and the end of field work for the year.
6th. Ascendance Day (Iomedae): Iomedae’s divine ascension.
27th. Jestercap (Andoran, Druma, Taldor): Day of pranks and practical jokes. Particularly favored by gnomes.

5th. All Kings Day (Galt): Commemorates Galt’s Red Revolution and freedom from a tyrannical nobility.
8th. Abjurant Day (Nethys): A day of working together to shore up mutual defenses and train children in magic.
14th. Even-Tongued Day (Andoran, Cheliax, Galt, Isger): Commemorates these nations’ freedom from Taldor.
18th. Evoking Day (Nethys): A day of fireworks displays and magical duels (both mock and real).
23rd. Seven Veils: Celebration of brotherhood between all civilized races, marked by interracial masquerade balls.
28th. Transmutatum (Nethys): Self-improvement.

Second Week (Sunday to Starday). Winter Week: Traditional feast; time for courting and spending time with friends.
11th. Ascendance Day (Cayden Cailean): Cayden’s divine ascension.
31st. Night of the Pale: Night of morbid revelry, as people wait indoors for the ghosts of last year’s dead to pass by their homes.

Vernal Equinox
Firstbloom (Gozreh): Celebration of the coming spring with fertility dances.
Planting Week (Erastil): A holy week marked primarily by hard work in the fields.

Summer Solstice
Ritual of Stardust (Desna): Night of song and bonfires, in which Desna’s faithful throw sand and powdered gems onto the embers to symbolize the stars while making proclamations of love and friendship.
Sunwrought Festival (Sarenrae): Celebration of the year’s longest day with fireworks, kites, and gift giving, as well as reenactments of the Dawnf lower’s battle with Rovagug.

Autumnal Equinox
Harvest Feast (Erastil): A holy week marked primarily by hard work in the fields.
Swallowtail Festival (Desna): Day of feasting, storytelling, and public release of a wagonload of butterf lies.

Winter solstice
Crystalhue (Shelyn): Day of artistic creation; traditionally a time for courtship and romantic proposals.
Ritual of Stardust (Desna): See above.

Full moons Abadius—Longnight: Tradition in which revelers defy the long winter nights by staying up all night to greet the dawn. Desnus—Remembrance Moon (Lastwall, Ustalav): Honors those fallen in the crusade against the Whispering Tyrant. Lamashan—Admani Upastuti (Jalmeray, Vudra): Marks the founding of the colony of Jalmeray.

Time and Calendars

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