Races of Varisia

In the distant north, where the endless cold of the Crown of the World meets the farthest frigid reaches of Avistan, hardened and fair-skinned barbarian tribes rely on their own strength of body and will to survive. Far to the south, many thousands of miles away in the blasted lands of southeastern Garund, dark-complexioned sophisticates pore through thick eldritch tomes, ever seeking more advanced magics. In between these two extremes of culture and climate lie many dangers and mysteries, as well as countless varieties of people, human and otherwise.

From semi-nomadic Varisians to bloody revolutionaries in Galt, and from the grim peasants of Ustalav to the geniewrestling monks of Jalmeray, the broad range of peoples who inhabit the Inner Sea region of Golarion represent a wide swath of human cultures and individualism. And all of these many and varied folk share their lands with a half dozen other common races: industrious dwarves, beautiful elves, curious gnomes, eager half-elves, burly half-orcs, and friendly halflings.

Yet despite all these residents of the lands, most of the regions remain dangerous wilderness, deadly to the unprepared and frightening to the helpless. Fortunately for the many civilizations of the region, though, brave and hardy individuals constantly answer the calls to exploration, conquest, and adventure.

On Golarion, humanity is further divided into many different, unique ethnicities. While each human ethnicity is identical so far as rules are concerned, they have wildly different appearances, histories, and customs. These ethnicities are: Chelaxian, Garundi, Keleshite, Kellid, Mwangi, Shoanti, Taldan, Tian, Ulfen, Varisian, Vudrani and the long extinct Azlanti people.

As well as the vast ranks of humanity, Golarian is also populated by many other civilised races that co-exist in varying degrees of conflict and co-operation.

Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, Aasimar and Tieflings are all found in the towns and cities of the land.

Races of Varisia

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