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  • Fatman's Feedbag (inn)

    The Fatman's Feedbag is one of the most noisome and troubling taverns in the town of Sandpoint. Located along the community's southern docks, the Feedbag is known for regular brawls and the resulting visits by the town's sheriff, Belor Hemlock. h6. …

  • Ameiko Kaijitsu

    Ex-adventurer, now owner of the Rusty Dragon. Descendent of family from the nation of Minkai, in the Tian-Min region of the world. Daughter of Lonjiku Kaijitsu.

  • Tsuto

    Tsuto is the half-brother of Ameiko. They share the same mother. He was cast out by his father and grew up in the orphanage/school, raised by Mads Thorsson's family - including Rena. He fell out with his sister, and after his mother died he accused …

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