18 year old, perky, aasimar paladin. Shiny.


Rena Madsdottir was born 18 years ago, two years after her brother, Stig Madsson. Their parents, Malin Stigsdottir and Mads Thorsson settled in Sandpoint when they gave up adventuring, a decision brought on by the discovery that Malin was pregnant.

In Sandpoint, Mads and Malin took on the Turandarok Academy, as Ilsoari Gandthus, the headmaster at the time was about to retire. Part school/part orphanage/part museum, the Academy is responsible for the education of the town’s children (but not those from the noble classes) and the raising/education of the town’s orphans. Mads and Malin both teach, with a little help from Rena. Stig cooks and is largely responsible for the orphans when they are not being educated. The orphans love both Rena and Stig like older siblings.

Whilst Rena is aasimar, her family are human. Even though some people in the town tried to repeat the mistakes of the past, attempting to put Rena on a pedestal, her parents (and later, Stig) protected her from unwanted attention and kept her grounded.

Rena is helpful, sweet and sometimes a little naive.

She is a worshipper of Sarenrae.


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