Rise of the Runelords

If Paradise is half as nice..

28 Lamashan 4707

The party has spent the evening in the inn in Pendaka and departs for the final stage of the trip. They found that it has been raining non-stop for several weeks, and as they leave the inn they cannot fail to notice the suspicious dark clouds to the north over the mountains.

Arriving in Turtleback Ferry just after midday, they visit the Turtleback Parlour, the town inn. They find out that business has been slow due to townsfolk using the Paradise as their evening haunt. In addition the incessant rain has dampened people’s desire to go out at night.

The innkeeper also mentions that the Black Arrows have not been seen in town for over a week.

The party decide to get on the Paradise barge that evening, and while they wait Samoth explores the rest of the town and spots some more townsfolk with tattoos.

As early evening arrives, the barge starts to move towards a jetty where a number of townsfolk have gathered. The party take some care to disguise their weapons and board the boat.

Lucrecia is moving around the boat greeting customers, and when she finally greets the party members they become suspicious of the extra attention she appears to give Tig and Kaz, staring at their chests where their Sihedron Medallions rest.

Most of the party take their time to observe the guests, workers and Lucrecia. Samoth decides to use his shift ability to gain entrance to Lucrecia’s quarters. Searching them, he identifies that her bedroom looks unused, but in an office he finds magic inks, and two wands.

A short while later, Lucrecia moves to enter her quarters with a guest. Samoth shifts to the bedroom and watches them through a crack in the wall. She notices the missing ink and working out that her ruse has been rumbled she dimension doors away.

Following this, every door on the boat suddenly slams shut. Then a few seconds later, Lucrecia appears floating above the boat proclaiming that her plans had been disturbed and that she would have to accelerate the timetable. She then fireballs the back of the boat, causing the paddle to explode and water to start rushing in.

The party acts quickly to organise the guests and workers, clearing the path for everyone to escape. As a result of their actions, boats from the town row out to rescue everyone and take them back to the town.

As they head off to the inn to gain some much needed rest, they find out that half of the townsfolk have been given tattoos. They are not sure what purpose of these markings are, perhaps the letter from Xanesha, who is clearly the sister of Lucrecia, will give some clues.



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