Rise of the Runelords

Legends Retold

22 Lamashan

The party settles in at the Lean-To inn in Wartle. There is a bard, Astari, entertaining the crowd as the party sample the local Bog Grog, finding it to be an extremely potent brew.

The bard tells The Legend of Black Magga, which captures the interest of the inn’s patrons and some of the party members.

As the bard works round the room collecting coins, the party notice that he has a Sihedron tattoo on his wrist. With their suspicions raised, they talk with him, scan him for evil and magic but nothing untoward is noticed.

Eventually they decide to openly question him about it. He explains that he was given the tattoo by a lady named Lucrecia, who runs the Paradise barge in Turtleback Ferry. The Paradise tours around the lake as a floating casino. Astari spent the summer working on the boat entertaining the guests. As a reward for his work, Lucrecia gave him the tattoo to indicate him as a VIP member.

Samoth scans the tattoo and identifies that it has transmutation magic embedded in it, but cannot determine its function. He suggests that Astari has it removed with an erase spell as soon as possible.

The party then rests and the next morning they depart for Turtleback Ferry. The journey takes 3 days.



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