Rise of the Runelords

Caught in the Act Part 1

20 Lamashan 4707

Back at the Rusty Dragon, Rose and Samoth are awoken by the noise of people moving about in the corridor. It transpires that Ameiko has put an alarm spell on the Glassworks and that this has been triggered. She’s going over there to investigate.

Samoth wakes Kazallin, and they both fly direct to the Glassworks. Rose starts putting her armour on.

As Ameiko runs through the streets to the Glassworks, she passes Rena. Stig and Tig who follow after her. Kaz and Samoth start to circle around the Glassworks looking for signs of disturbance.

Eventually, Samoth finds an open door and proceeds in. He detects an intruder in a room and locks him down with a Black Tentacles spell before proceeding further in. Kaz enters also and tries to interrogate the intruder trapped by the tentacles. He’s followed by Tig, who is shot by a sniper.

Stig attempts to deal with the sniper but they escape. Samoth and Tig deal with two other burglars. The first intruder manages to escape the tentacles and evades Kaz, but upon running into the rest of the group, he surrenders.

Belor Hemlock and some guards arrive, as does Rose having suited up. The burglars refuse to talk, but they find a note on one of them listing the items to break and steal and telling them to delive them to ‘S’.

Surmising that this means Titus Scarnetti, the party together with Belor and Ameiko head over to Scarnetti mansion. Samoth uses his Hat of Disguise to appear as one of the burglars and enters the mansion. The rest follow on invisible. Samoth is taken to Scarnetti and they start to discuss the burglary. Scarnetti becomes suspicious and gets up to leave at which point the party reveal themselves and confront him over the burglary.

At first Titus denies all involvement, until it is suggested that the evidence gathered would be enough to prompt his cousins in Magnimar to have him replaced. At that point he starts to offer a conciliation to Ameiko. Eventually suitable terms are agreed and the matter is put to bed.

The party return to the inn to rest and be ready for their long journey.



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