Rise of the Runelords

Burn Baby Burn

30 Lamashan 4707

The next morning, the PCs re-enter the Graul house. They find more deformed children, many more traps, and a creature in the basement known as a tendriculous – a feral animated plant that eats creatures. Although it must have been malnourished as it failed to connected with any of its targets.

They leave the house having retrieved a large number of items of masterwork and magical weapons and armour and make a brief detour back to the barn resulting in the death of the spider and then they burn down the farmhouse and the barn.

After this they question the rescued people.

It transpires that all three are Black Arrows from Fort Rannick.

  • Jakardos – the second in command of the Fort and an old flame of Shalelu
  • Orik – Who the party previously arrested in the employ of Nualia
  • Kaven – A resident of Turtleback Ferry that had joined the Black Arrows

Jakardos had taken a sizeable patrol to the west to investigate a sighting of ogres by Kaven. This had turned out to be a wild goosechase – none were to be seen. They had returned to the Fort to find it overrun by ogres. An attempt to retake the fort had failed and the remains of the force had fled into the woods only to be taken by the Grauls. During the discussion, Kaven makes a number of comments that raise suspicions and under interrogation he finally admits to having been a customer of the Paradise barge and to having fallen under the influence of Lucrecia.

Under her orders he had arranged for a large patrol to be diverted away from the Fort at the same time that the Commander of the Fort – Lamatar Bayden – was away. This meant that the Fort was undermanned and also missing its two most senior commanders.

The Commander, Lamatar, was missing on one of his regular sojourns. He used to go away every full moon. Kaven had followed once to find him heading to the Shimmerglens.

Upon hearing of the betrayal, Jakardos flies into a rage and attempts to kill Kaven. Rena prevents this from happening as she has a strong sense of redemption.

They return back to the village to recuperate and make plans to retake the fort.



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